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UN Council's Groundbreaking Global Peace Meeting on Potential Threats of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The United Nations Council will hold the first-ever global peace meeting to tackle the potential threats Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings to international peace and security. This meeting scheduled on July 18 at the UN hall clearly shows the importance and impact of AI in the peace and security sector which could be considered as a blessing and curse. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has its pros and cons when it comes to peace keeping. Pros - revolutionize UN development programs, streamline humanitarian aid efforts, bolster peace-keeping efforts and bridge gaps between nations. Cons - significant risks AI controlled weapons bring. UK Ambassador Barbara Woodward has emphasized the need for a global effort in managing AI opportunity and risks in using AI. On the other hand, UN Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez has highlighted the high stakes of the advancement of AI in the Nuclear War. This meeting is just a start of the long discussion about AI. According to Britain's Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, UK will host a summit on AI later this year to kick-off the multi-lateral discussion about AI. If you want more insightful news briefs, engage with us. #UNSecurityCouncil #AIthreats #GlobalGovernance #UKPresidency #ArtificialIntelligence #PeaceandSecurity #UNSummit #MultilateralDialogue #UNAIInitiatives AI Technologies