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Inclusive Online Platform "Indy" Supports Independent Workers

(NewsUSA) - Even before the COVID-19 pandemic swelled, the ranks of work-from-home employees, freelancing was on the rise as workers across a range of fields sought more flexibility and control over their work lives, enabled by the latest advances in technology. In 2020, there were 59 million people doing freelance work in the United States. This is an increase from 2014, when there were about 53 million people freelancing according to Statista, a leading provider of market and consumer data.

The demonstrated success of working remotely means that independent workers will be key to the future of work, even as many people return to in-person office settings.

To thrive both professionally and personally, independent workers need support and tools to promote their skills and manage their business.

An online platform known as Indy provides these features and more. Indy offers a complete productivity suite that helps independent workers take the management of their businesses to the next level, with tools and guidance for creating contracts, generating invoices, and everything in between. Additionally, their blog, The Independent Worker, is focused on addressing topics of interest to freelancers, ranging from business development to managing burnout.

"We proudly empower today's 'Indies' - including solopreneurs, freelancers, consultants, contractors, microbusinesses and side hustlers - to streamline the most time-consuming parts of operating their businesses. We help them work smarter, get paid faster, and thrive," says Sebastian Gyr, CEO and co-founder of Indy.

The Indy app offers freelancers a suite of tools designed to help them own three key aspects of their business: :

  • Marketing. Indy provides templates for proposals, project briefs, and profiles to help you organize your pitches, and showcase your unique skills.
  • Organization. Time tracker and task management tools help you keep everything organized, and Indy also offers a chat feature that freelancers can use for quick communication with clients.
  • Business management. Templates for legally-binding contracts and non-disclosure agreements take a lot of the effort and stress out of contract creation, so you can get right to work and invoicing tools will let you quickly and easily send highly professional invoices to the client directly to be paid either electronically or the old-fashioned way - via a check in the mail.

Indy takes pride in empowering an inclusive and diverse community of freelancers, including the LGBTQ community, Black Americans, BIPOC, and workers with disabilities, who are often underserved in the workplace despite the recent rise in equity initiatives. Leaning into these tenets, Indy recently launched a new, digital series called 'Miss Independent' featuring a Black drag queen who offers short videos commenting on freelancing and the freelancing life.

"We're spotlighting what's currently missing for today's virtual workforce and are boldly embracing the opportunity to drive conversations and narratives around equitable pay, diversity, and inclusion, by enabling the success of all workers, especially those from underserved communities," according to the company.

"We celebrate the uniqueness of those human beings that we serve by providing the products, services, space, and the megaphone for them to be their authentic selves, shine, and thrive."

Visit for more information and to create an account for free.

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