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Dive Into Caribbean Luxury

(NewsUSA) - Looking for a late winter or springtime escape?  Seeking an unforgettable spot for a wedding or honeymoon? The island of Saint Lucia is a hidden gem of beauty and tranquility.

East Winds, the island’s original boutique resort, offers an all-inclusive opportunity for guests to immersive themselves in true Caribbean luxury. East Winds is a breathtaking tropical garden by the sea, set on a sandy and secluded beach with stunning views, lush foliage, and colorful bird life.

Key features that make East Winds a memorable experience include:

-Deluxe accommodations: East Winds offers deluxe ocean view rooms, as well as cottages situated on the ocean front or in the heart of a luxurious garden. Ocean Front Suites include a private patio and unparalleled views of the Caribbean Sea. Deluxe Cottages are steps from the pool, beach, bars, and restaurants.

-Pool paradise: The self-service swim-up bar, temperate water, and serene surroundings make a truly restful and indulgent experience, and the central location is convenient to the beach, bars, restaurant, and garden. Pool-based stools let guests enjoy a drink without leaving the water.

-Refined dining: East Winds’ restaurants offer ever-changing, diverse menus featuring fresh, local produce, and fresh seafood caught daily. For honeymooners or any guest seeking privacy, thatched gazebos are available for intimate beachfront dining. Other special treats for foodies include rum tasting, chocolate making, and cooking classes.

-Superlative spa: The Garden Spa is nestled among trees and flowers, and features natural and organic treatments and massage to leave guests rejuvenated.

-Breathtaking beach: The soft sands and clear, turquoise waters of East Winds’ private beachfront provide the ultimate Caribbean ambiance.

-Glorious garden: The East Winds’ garden is considered the crown jewel of the resort; the cultivation and care of plants, trees, and birds has been a decades-long project, and garden tours are available with an expert guide to share stories of the spectacular flora and fauna.

-Excellent adventures: Boat trips, an arial tram ride, snorkeling, sunset cruises, and tours of the extensive gardens are among the other activities available to East Winds guests with no advance reservations needed.

Guests at East Winds can expect personalized care, all-inclusive service, and authentic Caribbean experiences.

Visit for more information.

Holiday Hosting: The Ultimate Survival Guide for the Season

(NewsUSA) - As the holiday season approaches, the revival of in-person events, celebrations, and activities leaves many excited, yet overwhelmed, but the right holiday helpers can make this busy season pleasant. Finding products that can serve double (or triple) duty is the key to success by saving time, money, and energy. One kitchen staple that may surprise you with its versatility is citric acid powder.   

Move over, vinegar -- there’s a new, natural product workhorse in town that’s about to become your go-to pantry essential and serve as the surprise of the season, helping you through the holidays with everything from cooking to ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) gifting and pampering.     

“Knowing that budgets are tight this year, consumers can afford to be resourceful with the superhero pantry staple that is citric acid powder,” says Curtis Eggemeyer, CEO of Lemi Shine, known for their 100% food-grade citric acid powder. “You’d be surprised how many ingredients you use every day that have citric acid in them -- take a look around -- it’s in everything from snacks to moisturizer.”   

Cooking made smart. Whether you’re the host or a guest, holiday meals are rarely prepared without leftovers in mind. Commonly used as a preservative to prevent spoilage, Lemi Shine’s 100% Food Grade Citric Acid Powder can increase the shelf life of cooked food and will help to keep holiday snacks, sweets, and beverages fresh. Two tips for packing up your party: soak sliced fruit in a citric-acid-and-water solution for minutes to prevent discoloration or sprinkle citric acid over your fresh guacamole to keep it looking delicious throughout the event.     

Citric acid powder is also the key ingredient in some of your favorite recipes. Chocolate Bundt Cake is a tried-and-true crowd pleaser that always has guests coming back for a second slice. You can also create deliciously easy Apple Chips using just three ingredients.       

Gifting made savvy. Budgets are tighter this holiday season. Low-cost gift ideas that anyone can use and appreciate include DIY Bath Bombs and aromatherapy mixes featuring citric acid powder. Combine the powder with some essential oils for aromatherapy – whether it’s lavender to create a calming atmosphere, mood-boosting peppermint to fight fatigue, or fruity and floral bergamot to help relieve stress. These are gifts any host would appreciate receiving.     

Self-care made special. Don’t neglect your own self-care during the holidays. Whether prepping for a big night out or recovering from a family game night in, pampering yourself helps recharge for the holiday season. Try a DIY face mask before or after a holiday event, or anytime you need a little extra TLC. Not to mention, these self-care hacks also double as great gifts.     

Cleaning made simple. Make life easier and opt for cleaning products with a citric acid base when tidying up your home. Citric acid-based products, like Lemi Shine’s, are bleach-free and family-safe, so everyone can chip in on housework.     

To learn more about how citric acid can help you through this holiday season, check out

Pop the Question with the Perfect Song

Just in time for anyone planning to propose on Valentine's Day (or any day), an original song called "The First Time," by Del Henry, makes its debut February 1, 2019, on multiple channels, including iTunes, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube Music, Google Music Store, Shazam, and many more.

The release of the song coincides with a release of a video. The video version of "The First Time" being released is, in fact, the first time the song was performed live, at a wedding as a gift from the groom to the bride, and her reaction says it all.

"How can I say, in a most simple way/My living started when you came that day/ How can I tell you when all's said and done/ My Heaven started with you as the one."

Many couples can relate to these lyrics. The song stands out as an example of the power of music to capture a moment and move an audience, so it is both a personal and a shared experience.

Many of the guests seen in the video of the song's debut are as emotional as the bride, because the lyrics evoke memories of their own shared lives and ongoing love stories.

"It's truly a story about how and why couples come to the moment when they want to be together … 'eternally,' says David Shewmaker, the Minister conducting the ceremony.

"As a Groomsman, I could see Brandon's live performance and saw the audience's response, which was electric and moving. I was hearing the song for the first time too," says Tim Delany, a 23-year-old college graduate.

Lyrics such as "The first time I felt your eyes touch mine/The first time I felt your smile" can be part of the setting of a proposal on Valentine's Day or any day, but they are equally appropriate for an anniversary, whether a first or a fiftieth, or simply to thank someone for bringing joy to your life.

Use the song to show your affection for someone who matters to you, share the heartwarming video, and appreciate the skill of 18-year-old musician Brandon D. Henry, who performed "The First Time" for its first time at the recent wedding shown in the video, accompanied by master guitarist Dave Murdy.


Watch the video of the song at:


Song: "The First Time" - LIVE

Producer: Del Henry

Band: LisZenUp HouzeBand

Lyrics Written by Del P Henry Jr

© 2019 Del P Henry Jr

All Rights Reserved

Lead Vocal by Brandon D Henry

Master Guitarist: Dave Murdy

Steal the Show at Your Next Holiday Party

No doubt, there are many sources that sponsor holiday clothing collections, but savvy shoppers can support a variety of causes in a quest to win the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, or make a splashy holiday statement.

Some strategies to get a smile, while staying warm and comfortable this season and donating to a worthwhile charity, include:

* Sweaters: The Ugly Christmas Sweater has become a must-wear for any holiday party. Those who embrace the sweater party spirit can do something extra this season by browsing ugly holiday sweaters at

Whether you don one nostalgically or ironically, it's wearable joy and a great way to spark up a conversation. With themes ranging from Grumpy Cat to PacMan, Grinch and Alice in Wonderland, they have plenty of options for your next Christmas party.

If you're throwing your own Ugly Christmas Sweater party, you may want to consider picking up a couple of extras for guests who dare to show up without one.

iEDM donates 5 percent of its holiday profits to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to support its research and treatment, and support families with children undergoing treatment.

* Hoodies: Not feeling the Ugly Christmas Sweater theme??Why not wear an Ugly Christmas Hoodie instead?

These iconic staples to anyone's wardrobe can be stylish and versatile and be the perfect ensemble to a party.

For a truly unique holiday hoodie, companies such as Epic Hoodie have a wide selection of colorful hoodies and a curated collection that showcases the original work of artists, each of whom receives a portion of every sale.

These Ugly Christmas hoodies are handmade in the United States using eco-sustainable inks and fabrics.

Have a raver on your Christmas list? iEDM has just what you're looking for with its rave hoodies in all kinds of colors.

* Onesies: If you're unsure what to wear to your office Christmas Party, why not make the ultimate splash and rock a vivid, comfortable, and eco-friendly adult onesie? Onesielife is a first of its kind, all-over-print streetwear onesie company.

Bonus? All onesies are handmade in the USA, and this retailer donates 5 percent of every purchase to the nonprofit Children's International, which provides food and services to children in need around the world.

Whatever your need this holiday season - be it an Ugly Christmas Sweater for a party you're attending or throwing, an Ugly Christmas hoodie to keep warm or wear out, an adult Christmas onesie to be the envy of any event, or a gift for your favorite raver - you can find everything you need here.

To learn more about these unique collections, visit,, and

What’s in Your Wine May Surprise You

The Modern Wine "Factory" 

Even under FDA regulations, US mass wine producers like many in California can include up to 70 additives in their wines. Colorings like "mega purple" or "ultra-red", synthetic fertilizers, tartaric acid, powdered tannins, and gum Arabic don't even have to be disclosed on the label. Once again, consider California wines: overall, many aim for consistency year after year. Mass producing wine in some parts of the world is more like a factory than a vineyard. Though there is something to be said for uniformity, a lot of the magic of winemaking is lost. It's no surprise that all-natural and organic wines are gaining popularity year after year. 

What's Old Is New Again 

Not all wine regions use these artificial tactics. Natural winegrowing and winemaking are not new to Bordeaux. Not only has this region been making wine naturally for centuries, they are literally required to do so. They believe in the art and science of maintaining the holistic health of the region as well as each individual estate's ecosystem. Only nature determines the wine. Artificial enhancement or even irrigation is forbidden.

In Bordeaux, it's more than just the law. It's a passion for winemaking methods passed down for hundreds of years. It all starts with the "terroir"- the soil and unique climate conditions where the grapes are grown. Vineyards on two sides of the same hill can produce vastly different characteristics.

"Every year nature provides wine makers in Bordeaux a fresh canvas," says sommelier and wine expert Joel Prato. "This relationship with nature is evident in the unique taste of each Bordeaux vintage." In a place like Bordeaux, the seasons also have a huge influence on the character of a vintage. Weather can make or break a year. For example, a 2013 Bordeaux is a rare sight as fluctuating weather conditions meant many vineyards didn't have a crop to bottle. Nature determines production, not factory settings. 

Making Music (and Wine) 

Making natural wine is not always easy. To combat the elements, innovative winemakers like Damien Landouar of Château Gaby are turning heads by introducing techniques like Genodics - playing music to the vineyards to boost their natural immunity. When you can't count on additives and chemicals, you have to be creative. His vines most likely have better taste in music than most people. 

Highly Rated, Naturally 

If you're new to natural wines from places like Bordeaux or want to try a highly rated vintage from the region, here are some recommendations:

Château Gaby (Canon Fronsac) - Grown on a 350-year-old vineyard, Château Gaby is truly Bordeaux's best-kept secret. This complex and well-structured merlot blend is ranked in the top 1 percent of all wines in the region by Vivino and given 92 points by Decanter Magazine.

Château Auguste Rosé (Entre-deux-Mers) - Step aside Provence. Bordeaux is making a statement with this organic rosé. Racy, precise, and light on its feet, Château Auguste celebrates strawberries and tangerines with bright minerality.

Château Moya (Côtes de Castillon) - A picture of elegance, smooth and balanced. Taste how good organic can be with Château Moya. Awarded 96 points by Jancis Robinson, this wine is a heavenly pairing for delicate cheeses and fresh, seasonal dishes.

Château Du Parc (Saint Émilion Grand Cru) - Château Du Parc is grown on older vines in an appellation known for its wine since the days of Ancient Rome. This broad-shouldered and spicy blend of Merlot and Cabernet Franc was given 94 points by James Suckling. Learn more at

The holiday season is a time to celebrate with friends and family. These good times of laughter and love are all natural. Shouldn't your wine be too?

American Legion Auxiliary Honors Military on National Poppy Day

(NewsUSA) - Memorial Day is approaching, and with it comes a simple opportunity for everyone to honor past military personnel -- wear or display a poppy. The simple red poppy flower has symbolized the ultimate military sacrifice since World War I, and National Poppy Day is gaining more attention in the United States every year.

National Poppy Day falls on the Friday before Memorial Day, which this year is May 27.

The choice of a poppy was inspired by the poem, "In Flanders Fields," written by Canadian Lt. Col. John McCrae, M.D., while serving on the front lines in World War I in Europe. Since then, the poppy has become a symbol to raise awareness and recognize the sacrifices of military personnel and their families.

The American Legion Auxiliary (ALA), a community of volunteers serving veterans, military, and their families, adopted the poppy as its memorial flower in 1921, and, in 1924, in conjunction with The American Legion, instituted the national Poppy Program. Each year, American Legion Auxiliary volunteers distribute millions of poppies, especially on veteran-related holidays.

"National Poppy Day is a time for Americans to come together and show their support for our servicemembers and veterans by wearing a red poppy -- an unforgettable and historic symbol of remembrance, sacrifice, and hope," says Kathy Daudistel, ALA national president.

"The American Legion Auxiliary is proud to make and distribute poppies each year for this solemn tradition. I invite communities across the country to join the American Legion Auxiliary to honor the fallen and support the living by wearing a red poppy on Friday, May 27."

Everyone can participate in National Poppy Day to honor the fallen and support the living. Wear a poppy or a poppy-themed item, such as a pin, T-shirt, bracelet, or even a poppy sticker, and tell people what it means. Share poppies with friends, family, and colleagues. Accept a poppy if you see American Legion Auxiliary members distributing the special flower. Poppies are never "sold," but donations are encouraged.

All donations received are used by the American Legion Auxiliary to support veterans, active-duty military personnel, and their families with medical and financial needs.

Visit for more information about National Poppy Day. Visit for more information about the American Legion Auxiliary.

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