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Fun Facts and Betting Tips for Golf's Masters Tournament

( - The Masters Tournament, held annually at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, is one of the most prestigious golf events in the world. Many sports enthusiasts think they know the Masters but check out these facts and tips that add intrigue to watching and betting on the Masters.

Past Performance Predictions: According to betting analyst Sean Carter at, it's wise to consider a golfer's past performance at Augusta National. The challenging course often rewards those who have played it previously, so veterans may be safer bets.

Par-3 Curse: Since 1960, the Masters Tournament has held an annual Par-3 Contest on the Wednesday before the main event that includes past and current participants, often with family members as caddies. However, no golfer who has won the contest has gone on to win the Masters in the same year. Coincidence or risky bet? You be the judge.

Watch the Weather: The timing of the Masters is known for its unpredictable weather, which can significantly impact golfers' performances. Springtime in Georgia may mean sudden changes in wind direction, rain, or temperature that create challenging conditions for even the most seasoned professionals. Golfers who have a history of performing well in adverse weather conditions might have an edge over their competitors.

World Ranking Rules: World rankings are no guarantee of success at the Masters, but they offer valuable insights into the current form of the players. Since 2000, most Masters champions have been ranked within the top 30 in the Official World Golf Ranking. “Take these rankings into account, but keep in mind that underdogs can make a splash,” PointSpreads experts advise.

Amen Corner Climaxes: The stretch of Augusta National known as “Amen Corner” features the 11th, 12th and 13th holes. The 11th and 13th are daunting par 4s with over 500 yards from pin to cup, but the 12th hole is a spot where players are made and golf bettors pray to the heavens. This 155-yard hole, named “Golden Bell,” is a par 3, but features “Rae’s Creek” where players’ hopes may sink if their ball hits the water. Golf greats Jordan Speith and Tiger Woods have suffered the fate of the 12th hole, as did Tom Weiskopf, who shot a record high 13 there in 1983.

Green Jacket Grandeur: In addition to a cash prize and a trophy, the most recognizable symbol of victory at the Masters is the green jacket. Since 1949, each champion receives a green jacket to take home and wear for one year. The jacket must then be returned to August National and can be worn only on club grounds.

Sean Carter is a betting analyst with the sports odds and betting information portal,

(Revised 3/28/2023)

BookTrib’s Bites: Personal Stories, Wealthy Secrets, STEM Solutions

(NewsUSA) - qWe Are All Addicts by Carder Stout

Expert therapist Dr. Carder Stout believes the soul's authentic voice can heal addictive cycles and remove them from the psyche. The soul is pure consciousness untethered from human experience, and Dr. Stout has maintained sobriety for 17 years using this untapped resource. He also has treated numerous clients for addiction and other mental health conditions using the technique. 

This guide presents a spiritual approach to ridding the mind of the complex problems created by addiction. These solutions have previously been shared exclusively with his patients. Through exercises, meditations, visualizations and writing, Dr. Stout demonstrates how to connect deeply to your soul. Readers will not only gain an understanding of the addiction holding them back, but how to overcome it through self-honesty and self-love. Purchase at

qSecrets of the Penthouse Suite by R.R. Nastasi

Successful but shy Sofia La Scala, a workaholic accountant in New York City, finally dedicates herself to finding Mr. Right, committing to regular happy hours in pursuit of love. She encounters seductive billionaire Alex Chambers and by night’s end is entangled in a lust-driven romance with a man equally full of mysteries as charm.

However, her fantasies come to a crashing halt when she stumbles at work upon what initially looks like a simple programming glitch but is really far more sinister. Inexplicably, it’s also linked to Alex. As Sofia investigates the problem, more questions emerge.

Sofia has embraced her transformation from a shy accountant to a thrill-seeking, fantasy-fueled sex goddess with Alex. But is she willing to face the truth if it means losing him? Purchase at

qThe Antidotes: Pollution Solution by Patty Mechael

Just when a group of fifth-grade friends return to normal life and to school after a global pandemic, the waters of the Chesapeake Bay become polluted by a plastic-eating bacteria experiment gone wrong—and both fish and kids are getting sick!

Izi, Gir, and their friends discover a fishy cover-up. The school has to close again! These climate warriors who call themselves the Antidotes join forces with public health activists to find clean water solutions. They use STEM strategies to help save the earth from a potential disaster—they also have secret meetings and do a little spy work.

The Antidotes race to tell kids how to stay safe. But will the Antidotes be able to get enough kids to achieve zero plastic use before it makes children sick? Purchase at

qMessage in a Matchbox by Sara Fashandi

It all started during the author’s family reunion in the summer of 2006, when she discovered an invaluable treasure: her oldest brother's memories of growing up. His name is Mohsen, and he was born in Tehran, Iran, to poor, struggling young parents. As early as age six, he figured out how to be creative and make money to fill his empty stomach.

As he related his memories, the author understood what made him the fascinating, jovial, and hardworking man he became. He had a calm confidence, and felt no need to impress anyone. He had been through so much, that by the time he was 23, he had lived a fuller life than most people ever experience. These stories are selections from Mohsen's many memories of a childhood in Tehran. Purchase at

BookBites is presented by

(Updated 3/21/2023) 

BookTrib’s Bites: Diverse Voices Telling Their Stories - Both Fact and Fiction

(NewsUSA) - qWhat We Never Say by Paulette Stout

“A deftly crafted, memorably compulsive page turner.” --Midwest Book Review

After a lifetime of lacking confidence, Rebecca has finally found her voice. Her blog for women is gaining traction, getting noticed by the world’s top fashion magazine. When they request an article, she’s thrilled. So why is her boyfriend Kyle so concerned?

Kyle won’t share his past—not even with Rebecca. But his secret is blown when a powerful woman from his modeling days becomes desperate to get his attention. It’s attention he never wanted and has been trying to forget for eleven years.

As Kyle takes steps to heal, Rebecca’s article becomes a global sensation. Events force Kyle’s past and present to converge, putting Rebecca’s future at serious risk. It’s time for the truth, but is it too late?

“Tackled a sensitive subject with finesse and great writing.” -InD’Tale Magazine. Purchase at:

qCircus Home: A Novel of Life, Love and New Jersey by Jason Ollander-Krane

For fans of Gower's The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock, Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, Doctorow’s Ragtime, and Dickens' The Pickwick Papers, this whimsical tale of a retirement home for retired circus performers wanders through the life stories of the home’s residents, including clowns, magicians and elephant tamers. The novel is narrated by the circus barker, who adds a poignant perspective on his companions.

The sweeping novel springs to life in New Jersey, along with settings as diverse as 1880s Brooklyn, 1920s Mississippi, 1940s Detroit, 1950s New York City, a west-bound wagon train, exotic Havana, pre-revolution Kiev, and Washington DC on the eve of The Great War. From laugh-out-loud funny to magically fantastic to heartbreaking. Purchase at

qWordslinger by Leonard Novarro

The author didn’t decide to write this book out of some noble dedication to the field of journalism. Or to revitalize “the good old days” by recapturing the past. Or tell a great story or two while singing the praises of newspapers. The newspapers didn’t always get it right, although they did get it right more than they got it wrong.

Now, in this era of the Internet and social media, the opposite often is true. How else would you explain the fact that millions here and abroad believe in a conspiracy theory that a ring of Satan-worshipping pedophiles, cannibals and sex traffickers are working to unseat the President States and take over the world -- a theory that began at Trump rallies in 2018 and one that he clings to? Purchase at

qBad Behavior in the Workplace by Michael Weiner

When an inappropriate and angry outburst at work puts a leading pediatric oncologist’s career, reputation, and personal life in jeopardy, he has to take the first few uncomfortable steps toward change.

With his back against the wall, Dr. Andrew Brown harnesses his years of experience and confronts his demons. With a team of colleagues and sympathetic researchers by his side, Andrew sets out to discover not only the cause of his own temper but the very origins of rage in the human psyche. Delving into the genealogical and historical roots of human anger, his search leads him not only to shocking revelations about the world around him but to a deeper understanding of his place in it. A fascinating novel based on real-life events. Purchase at


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(Updated 3/21/2023)

BookTrib’s Bites: Fact, Fiction and a Little in Between

(NewsUSA) - qEvery Other Weekend by Anthony Mohr

Shuttling between two fathers and coming of age at a time when divorce is rare and viewed as shocking, the author writes of living at the edges of what others regard as a dream world, a place where reality and fantasy blend, maps lead to the homes of the stars, and obstacles abound.

Anthony's father is a well-known radio actor before slipping to the Hollywood B-list thanks to the advent of television. Accepting the lead in a dying Swedish TV series, he falls for the script girl and divorces Mohr's mother, who marries another divorcee, a credit card industry pioneer.

As his stepfather's career rises and his biological father's eases downward, Anthony tries to find his place: one weekend sailing on a 58-foot catamaran, the next being told he is poor. Purchase at

qThe Sundial Inn by Stephen John Ross

A paranormal horror with a streak of dark humor. On a return flight from a dream vacation at the Sundial Inn in the outskirts of New Orleans, Tim and Sara find themselves covered in bruises with no memory of the past three days. The mystery deepens once they learn the inn had ceased operations many decades earlier in 1954.

Plagued with lucid nightmares, Sara struggles to return to her normal life while Tim returns to New Orleans in search of answers. Aided by a local clairvoyant Mrs. Lizzie, the secrets of the Sundial Inn and its founder, Atticus Busby, are unearthed. There’s more to the inn than meets the eye, and Tim begins to realize that his own connection to it is much darker than he could have guessed. Purchase at


qRoyal Coconut Beach Lunch Club by Diane Bergner

Julia Wild is thrilled to trade her legal briefcase for stiletto heels and a glam wardrobe when she accepts the position as high-society fundraiser at a prestigious performing arts center. But the gala lifestyle is a minefield. There’s the punishing schedule, her boss is having an affair with an important donor, and someone is trying to sabotage her. But she weakens to the seduction of elite social circles.

The deeper Julia is drawn in, the more fantasy and reality blur, and fault lines in her marriage surface – especially when she meets a debonair Argentinian billionaire. It is only when suspicion caused by an untimely death blows up the carefully constructed glittering mask of the moneyed set that Julia must decide how willing she is to risk everything. Purchase at


qStarstruck by Michael Kutza

“Starstruck: How I Magically Transformed Chicago into Hollywood for More Than Fifty Years” is the author’s rollicking, provocative, racy, colorful, irreverent show business memoir culled from decades of rubbing elbows with the giants of film at both the Chicago Film Festival, which he founded, and numerous other festivals around the globe.

It was a roller-coaster ride that lasted for almost half a century, with Kutza presiding over gatherings that hosted a Who’s Who of the film world – from Harold Lloyd to Clint Eastwood, Bette Davis to Viola Davis, Steven Spielberg to Spike Lee, Guillermo del Toro to Jodie Foster, Lauren Bacall to Al Pacino. At the same time, the festival introduced a plethora of new talent that would go on to revolutionize the movie business, from Martin Scorsese on. Purchase at


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BookTrib’s Bites: Four Diverse Titles for Your Reading Pleasure

(NewsUSA) - qMurder Baby by G.J. Stoutimore

This is not a fairy tale.
This is a nightmare.

A young orphan seeks vengeance against the Yakuza man who killed her parents…A jaded Ronin seeks out an old colleague before enacting a last ritual…and an ancient demon taunts a former Knight of a holy order from the blade of her ancient samurai sword. This is the story of Raffi Okamoto, the Last Knight of Sadira.

Murder Baby is the debut entry in a twisted, dark fantasy novel series from the mind of
G.J. Stoutimore. It is a story of demons, angels, the humans that fight their wars, and
the lives left broken and buried in their wake. It tells a tale of belonging, the testing of kinship, loss, trauma, identity, and death. Purchase at


qMy Name’s Not Jenny by Jeannine Lokey

Though written as a fictional novel, this book is based on the true story of three accomplished individuals who come together after finding themselves faced with major life-changing events. It is a moving and emotionally charged account of doing the right thing despite all odds.

Regardless of criticism from family members and friends, Joseph’s devotion was uncompromising and his love for Anna undeniable. A devoted mother and wife of the CEO of a multibillion-dollar financial institution, Anna is faced with a difficult decision.

Banking executive Jillian, with nowhere to go but up, is faced with her own crushing blows. At the height of her career, she throws in the towel to help Joseph stay the course. A must-read for anyone considering In-Home Assisted Living for a loved one. Purchase at


qLemon Curd Killer by Laura Childs

High tea and high fashion turn deadly in this latest installment of the New York Times bestselling series.

Tea shop entrepreneur Theodosia Browning has been tapped to host a fancy Limón Tea in a genuine lemon orchard as a rousing kickoff to Charleston Fashion Week. But as fairy lights twinkle and the scent of lemon wafts among the tea tables, the deadly murder of a fashion designer puts the squeeze on things.

As the lemon curd begins to sour, the murdered woman’s daughter begs Theodosia to help find the killer. Tea events and fashion shows must go on, however, which puts Theodosia and her tea sommelier, Drayton Conneley, in the thick of squabbling business partners, crazed clothing designers, irate film producers, drug deals, and a disastrous Tea Trolley Tour. Purchase at


qFrom Scratch by David Moscow & Jon Moscow

“Adventurous Anthony Bourdain-esque eaters and readers will savor David Moscow’s every word,” says Reader’s Digest,  “as he travels far (Ciao, sea of Sardinia) and near (howdy, Texas plains) to learn from farmers, hunters, fisherfolk, and scientists about how our food reaches our plates.”

Moscow, creator and star of the groundbreaking series “From Scratch,” takes us on an exploration of our planet’s complex and interconnected food supply, showing us where our food comes from and why it matters in this new book of global culinary adventures – a Publishers Weekly bestseller.

Moscow has spent four years going around the world, meeting with rock-star chefs, and sourcing ingredients within local food ecosystems. He brings back stories of the communities, workers, and environments involved—some thriving, some in jeopardy, all interconnected with food. Purchase at

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Revised 3/7/2023

Historical Novel Captures the Smoke and Grit of Pittsburgh at Its Industrial Peak

(NewsUSA) - This is not a gilded age novel. It’s a novel of the smoke and grit that were the pride of a booming city. It takes readers to another time and another world that is distant but familiar.

Steel City by William J. Miller Jr. takes readers to the cauldron of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the late nineteenth century. The steel business has made the city the industrial capital of not just the country but the world. And through the eyes of Jamie Dalton, readers witness the titanic events of that city in that age:

  • The Johnstown Flood that killed over 2,000 people, the country’s greatest natural disaster of the century.
  • The Homestead Steel Strike of 1892, in which Henry Clay Frick sent an army of Pinkertons to break the back of the labor movement.
  • An anarchist’s assassination attempt on Frick’s life in revenge for Homestead.
  • The fight to the death between Frick and Andrew Carnegie for control of the country’s predominant steel company.
  • The inside story of what is still the largest corporate buyout of all time.

At the time, Pittsburgh’s technological innovations and wealth creation made it the Silicon Valley of its day. It was first in steel, food processing, and electricity, and the leaders of those industries—Carnegie, Frick, Heinz, and Westinghouse—are names we still know today.

The author, William J. Miller Jr., grew up in Pittsburgh and was always fascinated by the living connections to its storied past: the Carnegie Library and Museum, the Carnegie Institute of Technology, and, in his own neighborhood, the Frick mansion, where Henry Frick’s daughter, Helen, still lived. Miller has spent his entire career in journalistic enterprises as reporter, publisher, blogger, and Time Inc. consumer marketing veteran. 


In this historical novel, Jamie, his father Richard, his mother Eleanor, and Pittsburgh society high and low navigate the social and economic issues of the late nineteenth century that still resonate today: corporate vs. individual responsibility, labor relations, suffrage, income inequality, substance abuse, media ethics. Steel City portrays the rich panoply of that era.

Jamie, a recent Yale graduate and son of a corporate lawyer, must decide whether to accede to his father’s wishes and pursue a career in law or the steel business, or follow his own instincts and become a newspaperman. The Johnstown Flood confirms his choice to be a journalist, and Jamie goes on to cover Pittsburgh’s business titans, labor strikes and assassination attempts.

While reporting on the unions of the era, he is exposed to a very different world, symbolized by his infatuation with a mysterious woman under the sway of an Eastern European anarchist. Jamie struggles with balancing the access he has to Pittsburgh’s business elite while maintaining the objectivity to tell the hard truths about those same people. Ultimately, he must thwart a terrorist plot that could disrupt the massive corporate merger that would restructure the nation’s largest industry: steel.

With deep research and a bibliography that shows an abiding respect for the facts and for the context of the lifestyle and the geopolitical environment of the time, readers leave Steel City with a sense of what life was like during this period. Purchase at

Revised 3/7/2023

BookTrib’s Bites: More Books to Keep You Turning the Pages

(NewsUSA) - Lobster WarsLobster Wars by Mark E. Greene

A tight, fast-paced social satire about what happens when reality TV comes to a small fishing village in Maine. The locals think they’re going to get famous and rich. But it’s never that easy -- especially when Connor Nichols, a telegenic outsider, a guy from “away,” gets a lobster fishing license and horns in on their good fortune.

The TV show airs to great ratings, only increasing the pressure, prompting a few unsavory characters to do anything they can to get in on the action. With filming about to begin, everything now hinges on season two. But it’s reality TV—what could go wrong? From an award-winning author with an offbeat sense of humor and a sharp eye for the absurd. Purchase at


promiseThe Promise of America by William Sanchez

Born in Spanish Harlem to Cuban refugee parents, Will Sanchez has represented marginalized communities ever since he graduated from Georgetown Law. Having served the country as a White House appointee and Special Counsel shortly after 9/11, he recently ran for U.S. Senate in Florida as a progressive with bold ideas for America’s future. 

The Promise of America guides readers through personal family stories as well as broader topics touching on America’s promise for the future and the absolute need to protect and strengthen the democracy. “My background had a great impact on my respect for America’s cherished principles. The recent attacks on our democracy inspired me to get more directly involved in trying to secure that America as nation will be greater in the future than it is now.  Purchase at


BurntBurned Out by Dean Mafako

Eric Philson came to the Children's Hospital of Biloxi with a goal ― to build the cardiac intensive care unit from the ground up. The physician faces insurmountable odds: the devastating aftereffects of a hurricane, deprivation of essential staff and resources, and a cardiac surgeon resistant to change. 

Dr. Philson will do whatever it takes to help improve the care for children, until the job begins to take a toll on his free time, marriage, and health. How much is he willing to sacrifice? Working hundred-hour weeks, overcoming the impossible, and facing personal ruin are only the start of what he will face. Does he have the grit and determination to do what's right, even if it costs him everything? Purchase at


LearnDid We Learn Anything from WTC Towers Collapse?...  By Gregory Szuladzinski

The most extensive investigation of the event was made by NIST, a government-funded institution. The most glaring error was to treat the fireballs associated with aircraft impacts as merely a fuel-burning action and ignoring the devastating pressure impulse involved.

NIST reports describe in detail the condition of the structure prior to collapse. It is said that a high-temperature softening of steel was responsible for the initiation of collapse, but such an explanation is suitable for an engineering student, not for a large team of specialists. What was needed was the exact sequence of element failures, because only from it can we learn about the design's weaknesses.

Another flaw was the lack of comprehensive treatment of thermal insulation. There was no awareness of the fact that too thick insulation may fall off under impact conditions. Purchase at


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Lessons from pro bettors to win part of the $10 billion March Madness pie

(NewsUSA) -  

The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, known as March Madness, is one of the most anticipated events in the sports calendar. In 2023, March Madness promises to be bigger and better than ever before.

Online sportsbooks offer a wide range of betting options for March Madness, from traditional bets like point spreads and money lines, to proposition bets on individual player performances and game outcomes.

While most casual bettors won’t use deep statistical analysis, there are some lessons anyone can learn from the pros.

Analyze first. Check out the teams in the tournament. Look at statistics, including strength of schedule, offensive and defensive efficiency, and the team's record against other tournament teams.  Also pay close attention to recent form; which teams seem to have found their momentum – or lost it.

Check the odds. Start looking at the odds and identifying potential value bets – remember, oddsmakers set opening lines and move lines based on how they feel the public will bet – not on how they feel about any team’s odds to win, lose or cover a spread.

Sportsbooks such as BetUS make money via the small commission, or markup, on each bet, not by setting out to “beat” all their customers.

Placing your bets at the right time to get the best point spread or the best ‘price’ can increase your win rate substantially.  Be patient and let the betting line move favorably for the bet you want to place.  If it doesn’t happen, reconsider your bet.

Check out the underdogs. Upsets are common in March Madness, and the high level of variance in a single-elimination format means that even lower-seeded teams can pull off surprise victories. By betting on underdogs, you can take advantage of these upsets and potentially earn a significant payout.

Play defense. Another approach is to focus on teams with strong defenses. In a tournament format where every game is high-stakes, limiting opponents' scoring opportunities can be a major advantage.

Pay attention. As the field narrows and the stakes get higher, the dynamics of the tournament can change. By staying up to date, you can make informed decisions about which teams to bet on and when to adjust your wagers (or hedge your standing bets by using live wagering, which allows bettors to place wagers on games as they happen).

Look to the future. In addition to traditional point spread and moneyline bets, there are also futures bets that allow bettors to place wagers on which team will win the tournament outright. BetUS already has odds available for customers that can offer incredible value.

By following a systematic approach and focusing on underdogs and strong defenses, as well as team statistics, betting lines, and tournament dynamics, bettors on the NCAA men’s basketball tournament can maximize their profits and reduce their risks.

How We Have Fallen Short in Teaching Literacy -- And What To Do About It

(NewsUSA) - This may be difficult to read, but did you know:

  • In the last 15 years, 15 million students graduated from high schools testing below the basic reading level.
  • One in five college students enroll in remedial reading classes in their freshman year.
  • More than 42 million Americans are functionally illiterate; they can’t follow the directions on a can of soup.

Now, a cognitive developmental psychologist with more than 30 years in the classroom has scoured the research, made her own professional observations and notes from personal experience, and put together a fascinating book that takes aim at what’s wrong with the learning process – reading in particular – and has set out to offer solutions.

The book certainly has an appropriate title: This May Be Difficult to Read. Within it, the author, Dr. Claire Rubman, breaks down myths about reading, separates fact from fiction, and works to get parents and educators on the right course. Choosing the right strategy for children to read, Rubman believes, is “the most politicized topic in the field of education.”

“I’ve watched my children succeed and fail with phonics, reading, reading comprehension, and learning,” she says. “I’ve seen our collective children hurting, and I’ve also seen them succeed beyond their wildest dreams. I have such a passion for watching them develop a love for reading and learning that I wanted to share it with parents, educators and anyone else concerned with helping our children read.”

Dr. Rubman hopes this book will serve as a catalyst for change that will disrupt early childhood education so that children of all ages and backgrounds will fall in love with reading. This, in turn, will allow children to learn to use the printed word to think, grow, and challenge the status quo.

Clarie RubmanThis book is designed to alleviate some of the frustration we often experience when trying to teach our children. The book looks at the learning process through a child’s eyes to more fully appreciate how children think, learn, and process information within the context of learning to read and comprehend the written word.

To that end, Dr. Rubman offers solutions to combat reading comprehension failure, perhaps foremost the task of transforming one’s home so that reading becomes as natural as speaking. Parents must create a “need to read’ in their homes and make learning a byproduct of fun.

Dr. Rubman’s writing style is both scholarly and relatable. She knows her stuff, is quite thorough, and supplements her learning points with personal examples of the how and why, often using her own family as her “characters.” She takes a complex topic and makes it user-friendly and readable so that it can be processed by a larger audience than just literacy professionals and learned parents.

“I have watched some students struggle badly,” says Dr. Rubman. “These are clearly highly verbal students, but their reading comprehension skills sell them short in the classroom.”

“Will your child be one of the success stories or struggle with textbooks and comprehending the printed word? This book is about inspiring the greatest number of children to love reading and the comprehension process so that they can’t wait to pick up a book.”

Learn more at

BookTrib’s Bites: A Black History Month Hero and Other Intriguing Stories

(NewsUSA) -  

If Someday ComesIf Someday Comes 
by David Calloway

A true story of the author’s great grandfather George Calloway, a slave in Cleveland, Tennessee, before and during the Civil War. It is written as historical fiction, based on George’s life, and stories the author heard growing up. It is a tale of determination, perseverance, and achievement.

“Calloway’s elegant prose effectively captures the tension and textures of the period…He shows himself to be such a talented writer of historical fiction that the biographical element of the work barely registers.” – Kirkus Reviews

George protected his family through war, famine, and plague; he risked his life repeatedly to protect his owner’s family, and thus his own wife and children. George was then, and remains, a hero of his family.  Five-star reviews on Amazon. 

Purchase at .

Bornto RiseBorn to Rise
by Lorna Blake

A young woman's journey from abandonment, abuse and rejection to her empowerment and success. The story of a young girl who felt counted out, discounted and knocked down by the hand she was dealt at birth. From being abandoned by her father to abuse by her mother, the death of her beloved grandmother and sexual abuse by a stepfather, she felt she had been walloped by life.

With the strength of her ancestors encoded in her DNA, she refused to stay down. She found a way to courageously rise from obscurity to infinite possibility. The author shares her story with humor, eloquence and wisdom to inspire others to recognize they too have the power to climb out from under and create a fantastic comeback from life's setbacks. 

Purchase at

Extreme VettingExtreme Vetting
by Roxana Arama

Immigration attorney and single mom Laura Holban is an immigrant herself, guiding clients through a Kafkaesque system of ever-changing rules, where overworked judges make life-shattering decisions in minutes. Laura’s newest client is Emilio Ramirez, who was arrested in front of his sons at their high school and thrown in detention.

When Laura files for Emilio’s asylum, the world turns upside down. False criminal charges prevent his release, someone is following his family, and an ICE prosecutor threatens to revoke Laura’s US citizenship. None of it makes sense—until she uncovers a deadly conspiracy involving ICE, stolen data, and human trafficking.

Now the man at the center of it all is coming after Laura and Emilio, who must find a way to survive—and keep their families safe.

Purchase at

The Cherokee BrideThe Cherokee Bride
by Stephen A. Enna

This story keeps readers on edge as they follow three people in their 2,000-mile trek across the U.S. Territories to the California Gold Rush in 1850. Seventeen-year-old Maggie Carter is an out-of-control kid who is half Cherokee Indian and half white. When she hears about Major Peter Jenkins organizing a wagon train heading for the California Gold Rush, she signs up and is selected to be one of the scouts for the train.

When the wagon train arrives in Grand River Oklahoma, Peter recruits five Cherokee Indians as scouts. Their knowledge will help lead the train across the long prairies, around the huge mountains in the path and across deserts. The lead brave selected as Chief Scout is Jimmy light feather Chawkta, who was practically born on a horse. Follow Maggie, Jimmy and Peter as they travel 2000 miles across the country and face all the difficulties that a trip of this nature will bring. Try to imagine if you could do it. 

Purchase at

BookTrib’s Bites is presented by

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