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BookTrib’s Bites: Books to Intrigue and Make You Think

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Red Chaos“Red Chaos”
by Ed Fuller and Gary Grossman         

In this third book in the Red Hotel series which reads like breaking news, Russian President Nicolai Gorshkov is one step closer to monopolizing the oil industry and funding his expansionism plans past Ukraine and Latvia. Russian-backed attacks have shut down the Suez Canal and other key shipping routes, making it nearly impossible for the West and the Middle East to transport oil.  

One man slips out of the shadows to stop Gorshkov’s maniacal plans: Dan Reilly, a freelance State Department and CIA consultant, who is drawn into a web involving the current American president, a United States senator, a Chinese businessman, and the death of a young girl.

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Against The Grain“Against The Grain”
by Anne Dimock  

Every small act of history is a drama of time, place and people. Welcome to Jamestown, New Jersey, where, in 1962-1964, six characters intersect in a conflict of change and complacency. During desegregation battles in the early 1960s, one African American family in a leafy NJ suburb experiences barriers more quiet and hidden than in the South.   When the oldest child, Fleur, a high school student, gets an after-school job in an upscale store on Main Street, she becomes the catalyst for change no one in her town expects. Some want to help her, others want to impede her and some end up doing both. Fleur learns the limits of trusting her future to others, while making and defending her own decisions.

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Cherry Bomb“Cherry Bomb”
by Willard Thurston  

An intellectually snobbish, would-be writer living in his employer’s treehouse. The exhibitionist thespian daughter of a beleaguered preacher. A “muscled mercenary thug” with little compunction for killing, whether for hire, vengeance or sport. A sinister Iranian-Russian plot to shuttle a nuclear artillery shell to America’s borders and elicit under-the-radar diplomatic concessions. What do they all have in common?  

A variety of characters, agendas and events head on a collision course toward each other with unexpected results. It’s a tragi-comedy of errors as plans are foiled, idealism and naivete bumble into danger and the wicked are stymied at every turn. Says Beth Kallman at Author Connections: “Taking an intellectual lens to the mayhem of modern society, these are raw, searing reflections of how time, competition and greed are eroding our collective moral compass.”

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Alphabet of the Invisible“Alphabet of the Invisible”
by Lev Green  

Our world is blessed with an array of color. Yet for all the color, visible light is a minute part of the much more broad electromagnetic spectrum. More than 99 percent of the electromagnetic spectrum is invisible.  

The same applies when we consider who each of us is as a human being. Appearance is very important. But of immensely greater importance are a large number of qualities that are invisible, as these qualities truly define who we are.  

Here you will find an alphabet of invisibility: 26 invisible qualities that define who we are. Each of the 26 qualities is not adjectival but instead a noun, as each is a powerful force. This is intended as a vehicle for learning and discussion.

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BookTrib’s Bites: Gripping Stories, Ghosts, A Child’s Friendsgiving

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The Music We Make“The Music We Make”
by Michelle Rene DeBellis         

“An electric whirlwind of every type of emotion.”    

Grieving an accident that takes his mother’s life, Santiago DeAngelo succumbs to opiates and receives inspiration from his late mother for a song to heal him. As he struggles to write it, he falls into a love triangle with two women who inspire the music, one of which seduces him into a shot at fame.  

But when both relationships suffer betrayal, DeAngelo must decide the value of his life in a moment that may end it. “The Music We Make” explores the power of love and music to overcome our demons and live from our hearts.

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Death March Escape – Author Pays Tribute to Dad, 25,000 Prisoners“Death March Escape – Author Pays Tribute to Dad, 25,000 Prisoners”  

In “Death March Escape,” author Jack Hersch tells the incredible story of his father’s two escapes from Nazi death marches in the final months of the Second World War. His father’s feat was so remarkable that Jack recently traveled to Enns, Austria -- the site of the escapes near Mauthausen Concentration Camp -- to speak at the dedication of a memorial commemorating them, as well as memorializing the 25,000 emaciated prisoners who passed through Enns on those marches.   In an emotionally riveting story, Jack’s book details his father’s year in Mauthausen and both escapes. Jack digs deeply into his father’s life and his own, revisiting and reflecting on his father’s time at the hands of the Nazis, when even mere survival was an impossible challenge.

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The Ghosts of Lewis Manor“The Ghosts of Lewis Manor”
by Marcia Maidana  

Seraphina must choose the lesser of two evils -- the ghosts that haunt her or the murderer who hunts her. Born with a rare ability -- or curse--Seraphina can see and hear the dead. During the early days of the London Blitz, she is confronted with hundreds of lost souls wandering the streets.  

As the war escalates, her parents send her away to the home of an old friend in the English countryside to preserve her sanity. But there are monsters lurking in the hallways and the surrounding woods of the mansion -- not all of them ghosts.  

Seraphina must use her gift to help solve the gruesome mysteries of Lewis Manor’s past in order to prevent her own murder in the present.

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Mrs. Rabbit’s Friendsgiving Dinner“Mrs. Rabbit’s Friendsgiving Dinner”
by Carole P. Roman  

Mrs. Rabbit’s large family is all too busy to come home for their annual holiday dinner. She is feeling a bit lonely and, out of habit, she prepares a large feast. But to her growing dismay, she realizes she has no one to share it with.   Her doorbell rings, and one by one, her furry forest critter friends ask to join her. Soon enough, her holiday table is brimming with tasty dishes. The best part of a holiday dinner, she learns, is not the food but the company that shares it with you. A wonderful holiday tale for children primarily ages four to seven, from noted children’s author Carole P. Roman.

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BookTrib’s Bites: Four Great Yarns for a Crisp Fall Night

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The Midnight Call“The Midnight Call”
by Jode Millman       

Who would ever suspect that their mentor, teacher and friend is a cold-blooded killer? Attorney Jesse Martin didn’t -- at least not until she answers the midnight call.  

Late one August night, her mentor and popular high school teacher, Terrence Butterfield, calls, admits he's killed someone and pleads for Jessie's help. She rushes to his aid, unaware that she’s risking her love, career, life and that of her unborn child. Does Jessie’s presence at Terrance’s home implicate her in the gruesome murder of the teenage boy found in the basement? Why does Terrance betray Jessie? Follow Jessie’s quest to untangle the web of lies and uncover the shocking truth behind the homicide.

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Pandemonium: Live to All Devices“Pandemonium: Live to All Devices”
by Bill Harvey  

From an Emmy Award-winning author, an all-too-possible near future in which the latest media/technology revolution triggers sudden unprecedented changes in world politics.  

Twenty years in the future ... a U.S. president seizes total control of all U.S. missiles, the power grid, the banking system, and every computer-like device in America, as he hides in a nuke-proof bunker while a robot version of himself sits in the Oval Office.  

Five psychic agents belong to a cosmic intelligence not of this Earth -- this is their hidden connection. They are up against Rebels in a hidden war. With the President under their control, the Rebel leader is hatching a plan to start WWIII. With the scope of Asimov and the prescience of Bradbury, Bill Harvey makes the greats proud.  

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Grady Whill and the Templeton Codex“Grady Whill and the Templeton Codex”
by Carole P. Roman  

Templeton Academy -- the superhero high school -- is finally open. The prestigious academy is recruiting the best of the best to enroll in its student body. The school is as mysterious as it is exclusive. Grady Whill thinks there is nothing special about him to make the grade. However, his best friend, Aarush Patel, has been selected and thinks Grady has the right stuff. Even school bully Elwood Bledsoe is attending.    

If Grady is fortunate enough to be picked, his guardian has forbidden him to attend. Will a family secret prevent Grady from becoming the superhero he was destined to be? From Carole P. Roman, the award-winning author of more than 50 children’s books, targeted for readers from 8 to 18 years.

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Breaking Arrows“Breaking Arrows”
by Luis Figueredo  

An eight-year-old Indian child is dead. The innocent boy’s death is cruel, torturous and needless. Jeremiah Tiger, chief of the Kialegee Tribe, realizes he must fight for his impoverished tribe against the State of Oklahoma and the wealthy and influential Muscogee Nation.    

The battle is seemingly unwinnable. Jeremiah’s only option is to develop a tract of land in Broken Arrow that the Muscogee Nation claims to own.    

Jeremiah brings in tenacious attorney Pierce Evangelista to prove the Kialegees’ treaty rights to the land. Evangelista suspects that the Kialegee will struggle to withstand the blowback and unscrupulous tactics of Oklahoma politicians, the Muscogee Nation, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Jeremiah and Pierce face legal, unethical, and life-threatening conflicts. And the outcome will affect many people for generations to come.

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A Clear Path to Overcoming Bad Habits That Sabotage Career, Love and Healthy Living

(NewsUSA) - If you want to gain greater control over the things you do in your life, an illuminating place to begin is in understanding how your personal brain chemistry shapes those dynamics. Your brain is constantly seeking comfort. Whether it’s recovering from a stressful event that gets your adrenaline pumping or the slow drip-drip of low-lying stress, how you handle yourself boils down to how you’re hardwired, by what’s embedded in your inherited neurochemistry.

In OVERRIDE: Discover Your Brain Type, Why You Do What You Do, and How to Do It Better (Citadel Press), co-authors Clinical Psychologist Dr. Connell Cowan and Physician of Internal Medicine Dr. David Kipper note that while we are biologically and psychologically predisposed to perform these comfort-seeking behaviors, we can override them if we so choose. We can decline to perform our most self-sabotaging behaviors and even reduce — if not eliminate entirely — the desire and temptation to perform them in the first place.

Connell Cowan PhD
Connell Cowan PhD

Understanding your brain’s chemical tendencies, the authors say, explains how you set your stress relief in motion, and by understanding your tendencies, you’ll be able to make healthy life decisions for the better.

In exhilarating, illuminating, and frequently funny style, you’ll go from identifying your personal neurotype -- through an easy and accurate test -- to understanding your vulnerabilities, and break out of self-defeating patterns to make meaningful change with a science-based approach.

Your neurochemistry puts you into one of two tribes: Swords are coded to be particularly sensitive to stimulation, novelty, reward, and external expression, while the Shields of the world are coded to be more cautious, sensitive to avoiding harm and danger, and internalizing emotions. The coping styles we revert to under stress have evolved to help us survive, but they are also the root cause of our most destructive and stubborn behaviors.

OVERRIDE details a path to change that can start immediately and last a lifetime. Complete with easy-to-use strategies and exercises, here are engaging micro and macro insights into iconic human problems, backed up by the latest scientific research into why we are the way we are.

The authors come with topnotch credentials. Cowan co-wrote Smart Women/Foolish Choices, a runaway bestseller that spawned an entire genre of books dealing with male/female dilemmas. The book spent nearly a year on the New York Times bestseller list, sold millions of copies, has been published in 23 different languages, and was made into a hit musical. His second book, Women Men Love/Women Men Leave, also became a NYT bestseller.

David Kipper MD
David Kipper MD

Kipper has practiced internal medicine for over three decades. He has appeared as an expert commentator on all major networks, has produced numerous programs on health and health care, appeared on the Today Show, and contributes to the Huffington Post. Dr. Kipper is currently a co-host for ABC radio’s The Medical Show, a weekly national call-in show addressing all areas of medicine.

Combining groundbreaking research with inspiring and revelatory real-life stories of struggle and transformation, OVERRIDE will reveal the blueprint of your DNA and give you a practical, easy-to-grasp, yet revolutionary framework for achieving the life you really want. It is most definitely worth your time.

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Online Bettors Gearing Up for Biggest NBA Season in Decades

(NewsUSA) - The NBA season tipped off  Tuesday, October 18th with no true consensus favorite to take this year’s Championship title. The NBA Championship futures market at shows the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors tied at +600 (6-to-1) odds to win the 2023 Championship, followed closely by the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Clippers, both of which are paying +700 (7-to-1). The Milwaukee Bucks round out the top five, paying +800, or 8-to-1. These odds will change as the season progresses, however.     

An offseason full of big trades has resulted in what ESPN’s well-known sports betting analyst, David Purdum, is predicting to be “one of the most competitive NBA seasons in decades.”     

This means that both bookmakers and bettors are hard at work gauging this season’s teams.  And for those bettors willing to put some money down on their team early in the season, it means higher returns than would be available as the season progresses, according to Barry Barger, senior betting analyst at BetUS.     

“Futures markets in sports betting are betting lines that are offered on events that are set to occur sometime away, as opposed to the next game on a team’s schedule. Once the bettor has placed a bet on his/her odds of choice, they have locked in their bet at the odds provided at that time and will be paid out at that rate should their wager be a winner when the event occurs,” Barger says.     

“The big advantage to betting your team to win the Championship now, versus ‘waiting to see how things go’ during the season is that right now, you can bet any of the 30 teams in the NBA to win the Championship at what we call ‘plus money,’ or positive odds.  

For example, even this season’s favorites like the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors will pay +600, or 6-to-1, if you bet them now to win the Championship.  No matter what team you bet, you’re going to win multiples of your original stake if your team wins it all this year,” Barger says. “That won’t be the case as the season progresses.”     

But betting the future 2023 Champion isn’t the only future or ‘prop’ that is popular with NBA bettors these days.       

NBA futures allow you to bet not only on the NBA Championship, but also on who will win the Eastern or Western Conferences and even the division champions. Betting on the number of regular season wins a particular team will have is also a popular wager.     

“And unique to this year, the prop that has fans really excited is when -- and where -- Lebron James will break Karim Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time scoring record,” Barger adds.     

Other popular NBA futures and props include betting odds on NBA Rookie of the Year, NBA Coach of the Year, NBA Defensive Player of the Year and NBA Regular Season MVP to name a few.     

In short, the appeal of future bets is that they offer potentially larger returns and provide a longer time horizon over which your bet will win or lose, providing more entertainment value while you cheer on your pick or picks over the course of the season, Barger concludes.

BookTrib’s Bites: Sleuths, Moving Stories and a Tale For Children

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A Spying Eye“A Spying Eye”
by Michelle Cox       

In this sixth book of the series, while in London, Inspector Clive Howard and Henrietta Von Harmon search for the missing panel of a famous Renaissance painting, of which Hitler’s top men are also in pursuit. Meanwhile, in Chicago, Oldrich Exley threatens to cut off financial support for the Von Harmon brood if Elsie continues with her plan to marry Gunther -- a situation full of complications.

Clive and Henrietta’s search takes them to Chateau du Freudeneck in Strasbourg, France -- the ancient seat of the Von Harmons and home to three eccentric distant relatives. Things take a deadly turn when several Nazi officers also arrive at the chateau in search of a “valuable item.” Henrietta uncovers a shocking truth, and the pair are forced to trust themselves to a suspicious French servant.

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Dear Franklin“Dear Franklin”
by Jake Ryan  

When her dad undergoes emergency open-heart surgery after collapsing at his gym, it’s pretty much the worst thing that’s ever happened to 11-year-old only child Hannah Brody. In response, she turns to a long-unopened diary that becomes the outlet for her deepest fears and darkest secrets.  

To her surprise, she finds that not only is she not alone, but that support can come from the most unexpected places. Funny, richly textured and moving, “Dear Franklin” is a story of resilience in the face of near tragedy, an inspiring tale for middle-graders and others on how to cope when confronted with life’s unexpected twists and turns. Written and based on his real-life experience by life coach Jake Ryan, a TikTok sensation at @freejakeryan.

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A Very Long Way“A Very Long Way”
by Naomi Fryers  

Naomi was born a free spirit who loved to entertain people with stories. From knocking about the outskirts of Melbourne’s northern suburbs until the late 1990s to finding herself enrolled at a socially uncomfortable elite private girls’ college, she developed some increasingly problematic coping strategies for life’s challenges. While living it up on Melbourne’s iconic Chapel, her university degree concluded, but her buried accumulative volatility did not.  

Her challenges eventually culminated in Naomi’s dramatic nervous breakdown. Her rock bottom climaxed with her riding in the back of a divisional van and being locked up in a psychiatric ward. The decade subsequent, however, she learned to embrace a comeback journey that involved personal development, advocacy and ultimately rediscovering her bold and free-spirited inner self.

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Can You Spot the Leopard: An African Safari“Can You Spot the Leopard: An African Safari”
by Karen B. Winnick  

“Can You Spot the Leopard?” is author/artist Karen B. Winnick’s newest picture book, an adventuresome African safari presented through poems and full-color paintings. Readers begin at sunrise, climbing into a jeep for a bumpy ride to view the wondrous animals as they would on a real safari.  

All the poems are based on real observations of what animals do in the wild, related in an accessible way. There’s even a sighting, finally, of the elusive leopard, before returning to safari camp under a starry night. At the back of the book, further information is related about each animal. A fun, informational, educational adventure to read and reread. The author is an animal enthusiast and president of the Los Angeles Zoo Commission.

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Nickelodeon’s ‘That Girl Lay Lay’ Star is Here to School Gen Alpha

(NewsUSA) - There’s a new generation running the show in the Kidverse: Generation Alpha. Defined as those born between 2010 and 2024, this new group of kiddos succeeding Generation Z is more diverse than any other generation, far more technologically savvy at a younger age and only know a world where social media is at the center of everything -- thus making social media stars THE celebrities they care about.     

Enter Alaya High, the hip-hop prodigy professionally known as That Girl Lay Lay. At age 15, she’s gone from being a social media sensation with 1.3 million Instagram followers to currently starring in her own namesake TV show on Nickelodeon and boasting her own line of consumer products sold at big box retailers across the country.       

In fact, you could say Lay Lay’s rise is a content creator’s dream come true. When she was 11, the Houston, Texas, native convinced her father, Acie High of the rap duo Aqualeo, to record her freestyling while they were driving -- she’d been rapping since age 5 -- and upload the clips to social media. Two weeks later, her performances had gone so viral on Instagram that even 50 Cent was reposting them, and she was on her way to becoming the youngest female rap artist to sign with Empire Records.       

“I was at my friend’s house,” she’s recalled of that time. “We went outside to go play. I came back, and I looked at my phone, and I was like, ‘Why does my phone say 3,000 notifications?’ I was like, Girl, I’m famous!’”     

Soon after, Lay Lay was rapping in music videos with the hugely popular likes of Young Dolph, Tr33zy and Lil Duval. And when Nickelodeon came calling last year to greenlight a show around her … well, let’s just say she was more than game, given that she considers herself a Nick Kid and counts “SpongeBob SquarePants” and “The Loud House” as her all-time favorite shows.       

That Girl Lay Lay

That Girl Lay Lay,” which recently kicked off its second season after having shattered records last fall and ranking as one of the top two series across all TV among Black kids age six to 11, continues to be a buddy comedy that speaks to a new generation of kids.       

The show follows a personal affirmation app (named Lay Lay, naturally) who is magically wished to life by a smart, real-life girl named Sadie (Gabrielle Nevaeh Green) who has trouble speaking up for herself. Together they learn they can accomplish pretty much anything -- including getting Sadie to successfully run for her high school’s freshman class presidency -- so long as they work as a team.         

And with even more music and magic this year from everyone’s favorite personal affirmation app sprung to life, the premise really seems to have struck a chord: Last month “That Girl Lay Lay” ranked as the top live-action show with kids on cable TV.       

Better yet, executive producer Will Packer is excited by the real world impact the series can have on kids. “At any point in life, kids all around the world are faced with natural insecurity,” he said. “This is a series that can help them be confident in themselves and encourage them to be their own individuals.”     

And Lay Lay’s own effect?  She’s been called “the embodiment of fierceness, bringing optimism, magnetism and style to everything she does.” Meaning, young girls, especially Black girls, have a positive new role model they can look up to.

BookTrib’s Bites: Hilarious, Touching and Informative Books for All

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Rich Widows of Savannah Valley“Rich Widows of Savannah Valley”
by Mitzi Perdue       

A whimsical, moving tale about Savannah Valley, the country’s most exclusive retirement community for the uber-rich. Set outside Savannah, Georgia, this fictional community is filled with mansions, Rolls Royce Phantoms and ladies who lunch. Four rich widows -- Glenda, Edith, Darcy and Sharon -- are looking forward to their golden years with everything taken care of. Then the amenities they have paid for begin disappearing.  

The activities become tiresome, the tee times are always taken, and the late dinners are no longer allowed. All of a sudden, it feels as if their wonderful retirement is little more than a cheap motel.   These women knew when they were being handed a load of bull. Laugh-out-loud hilarious, these women are not ready to give up anything they worked so hard for.

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I’ll Remember You“I’ll Remember You”
by Deborah Packer  

“I’ll Remember You,” based on a true family tale and originally written as a screenplay, is set on the turbulent home-front America of 1943 amidst the anti-Semitism and racism of the time. It’s a love story about a young Jewish couple’s conflicted, hasty war-time courtship and marriage, a relationship plagued with doubt, misunderstanding and childhood trauma, that threaten any hope of a future together.  

An idealistic, fiercely proud small-town girl falls for a complex, enigmatic soldier from Brooklyn with horrific memories as a child in WWI Poland. Their romance, told from both perspectives, struggles through the turmoil of their hurried vows up to the moment the soldier leaves on a troop ship for England, convinced he will not survive the war. An epilogue is set in 1994.

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Jasper the Wonder Dog“Jasper the Wonder Dog”
by Richard Halliday  

This poignant tale packs twelve years of love and adventure into 52 pages, giving us a glimpse into the deep connection between Jasper and his family. While the story is bittersweet, it reassures fellow dog owners that we’re not alone when it comes to feelings of loss and remembrance.  

Ultimately, “Jasper the Wonder Dog” is far more than a children’s book about loss. It encompasses not just Jasper’s passing, but also the happiness and love that he received, thanks to his family. As much as the Hallidays brought love into Jasper’s life, Jasper gave it back to them tenfold. This book serves as a memorial to this incredible soul that touched their lives -- a true wonder dog. Beautifully written in first person with Jasper as our narrator.

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Aha! So That’s What Bitcoin Is!“Aha! So That’s What Bitcoin Is!”
by Uncle Crypto  

This book is a step-by-step guide to cryptocurrency in pictures and plain language, helping readers understand the basic concepts before even beginning to tackle what it means to invest.  

The author believes that Bitcoin has the potential to change our lives as much as or more than the invention of the automobile, computers or the Internet. Once readers understand what Bitcoin is and what it can do, they will have a clearer picture of the future we are heading toward.   Education should be easy and fun. Forty-seven illustrations make the journey enjoyable, and readers will find that going from one simple idea to the next will get them to their “AHA!” destination.

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BookTrib’s Bites: Four Books to Steal Your Breath Away

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The Color of Ice“The Color of Ice”
by Barbara Linn Probst       

This is the breathtaking story of a woman’s awakening to passion, beauty and the redemptive power of unconditional love.  

Freelance photographer Cathryn McAllister travels to Iceland for a shoot with an enigmatic artist who wants to capture the country’s iconic blue icebergs in glass. Widowed young, Cathryn has raised two children while achieving professional success. If the price of that efficiency has been the dimming of her fire, she hasn’t let herself think about it. Until now.  

Cathryn abandons a planned vacation itinerary to remain with Mack, the glassblower, who awakens a hunger for all the things she’s told herself she doesn’t need anymore: Passion. Vulnerability. Risk. When her path seems clear, she’s faced with a shocking discovery -- and a devastating choice.

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The New Empire“The New Empire”
by Alison McBain   Fire. Blood. His brother’s hand smashing his face to the ground.    

These are Jiangxi’s final memories of Beijing from 1751. A bloody coup against the Dragon Throne thrusts the emperor’s youngest son into a forced voyage across the China Seas. When his ship arrives on the shores of a California that never was, Jiangxi is among thousands sold into slavery. Shackled to a tribal confederacy, Jiangxi’s journey becomes inextricably linked to the whims of Onas, the powerful Elder who controls his freedom and his fate.  

When Jiangxi gets caught up in a battle to liberate the slaves, he has to choose how much he’ll risk for the ones he loves. His choice will change the future of the two most powerful nations in the world.

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Civil Terror: Gridlock“Civil Terror: Gridlock”
by J. Luke Bennecke  

A thought-provoking thriller for fans of Dan Brown, Lee Child, and John Grisham about artificial intelligence and the self-driving revolution. You’ll be forced to consider how you’d react if you were cornered and trapped in a terrifying, life-threatening situation.  

Fed up with slogging through the treacherous LA traffic to get to work, Jake Bendel and a cunning team of experts create a roadway system for self-driving cars -- preventing thousands of traffic deaths. People finally feel safe in their cars. But should they?  

A Syrian terrorist group weaponizes the system and devises a scheme to kill more Americans in one day than the 407,000-plus U.S. soldiers killed in World War II. Then the group plants evidence that convinces the public Jake is the architect behind the heinous terrorist attack.

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Rough Justice“Rough Justice”
by Burt Weissbourd  

Callie and Cash are back, and their world is about to explode. Callie and Cash are eating a late dinner upstairs at her restaurant, “The Bronze Pig.” It’s been a year since they saved her ex-husband’s life and subsequently had to take on unexpected, lethal adversaries. During that process, they discover they care deeply, romantically, for one another.  

So imagine their surprise when they get an unexpected, half-Algerian female guest, 25-year-old Sara, showing up at the restaurant and insisting on telling them her shocking, unbelievable story. Someone is trying to kill her, and they’ve stolen her identity. She needs their help now, and she has a stunning, life-changing secret to tell.  

Yet, again, Cash and Callie assemble their unconventional ragtag family to save Sara and, ultimately, their own lives.

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BookTrib’s Bites: Four More Diversified Titles to Enjoy

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Room-By-Room Setups That Cater to Cattitude“Room-By-Room Setups That Cater to Cattitude”
by Tanya Smith       

Organizing the home can be difficult, especially when you’re being watched or judged by one or more cats. With this book, you can learn to use various features of the home to provide fun setups for your cat family. If you're a cat parent looking for ways to add safety and entertainment for indoor cats while adding convenience for humans, this book is for you.  

Providing picture-filled illustrations, this book shows how you can: learn ways to add comfort, safety and entertainment features for indoor cats; organize rooms in a cat-friendly manner; create window setups that can work for both mellow and energetic cats; make it easy for cats to sit in comfort as they stare at the neighbors; and more.

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Summer of No Rain“Summer of No Rain”
by Laura Hunter  

“In this YA novel,” writes Kirkus, “a multiracial girl finds herself the subject of strange medical experiments in rural Alabama. It’s the summer of 1968. Heat and drought have dried out the fields around Hyssop, where 12-year-old Margaret Ann Odom lives with her Black Cherokee mother, M’dear.”  

“The medicine causes Margaret Ann to feel depressed, but the truth is even darker than she can imagine. The majority of the book is narrated by Margaret Ann, and Hunter gives her a poet’s eye for the world around her ... the novel is based on a true story, one that many readers likely have never heard of, and Hunter tells it in a way that highlights the horrors.”

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Curse of The Eagle“Curse of The Eagle”
by Michael E. Nathanson  

A work of “faction,” combining elements of history, a suspense thriller and modern-day reality.  

The Council of Practitioners of Jihad sounds the call for an unprecedented meeting. They have not officially met since the group’s formation 30 years earlier. Ultimately a unified, unstoppable military confrontation is planned.  

FBI agents Gerry Bolton and Jan Hanson track down clues to the murders of several high-profile government officials that share too many common details. FBI Special Agent Aziz Malawi probes into the underworld of terrorist activities in America. He is drawn by chance into a very dark world and plunges into the workings of a large-scale terrorist operation in America. His FBI team must give him enough leash to get the job done, yet extract him before he becomes another victim.

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The Trouble with Miracles, Book 3“The Trouble with Miracles, Book 3”
by Stephen Steele  

The ancient secret of fusion energy is rediscovered in this breathless thriller and third book in the series, about the magic and mystery of the Easter Island statues.   Cyd and Alex return to Montana to settle down. Robert, a close friend working in Chile, turns up missing after recent earthquakes trigger strange lights coming from a volcano. Cyd and Alex go looking for him, and a harrowing adventure uncovers a civilization of ancient aliens who possess the secret to fusion energy, the same energy that powers the sun. An object is found in a lost city that explains the technology, but it is unreadable.  

Meanwhile, a journal from a sunken 18th-century Spanish galleon reveals something hidden on an island off Chile’s coast that can translate the alien object.

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