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Fun Facts and Betting Tips for Golf's Masters Tournament

Fun Facts and Betting Tips for Golf's Masters Tournament

( - The Masters Tournament, held annually at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, is one of the most prestigious golf events in the world. Many sports enthusiasts think they know the Masters but check out these facts and tips that add intrigue to watching and betting on the Masters.

Past Performance Predictions: According to betting analyst Sean Carter at, it's wise to consider a golfer's past performance at Augusta National. The challenging course often rewards those who have played it previously, so veterans may be safer bets.

Par-3 Curse: Since 1960, the Masters Tournament has held an annual Par-3 Contest on the Wednesday before the main event that includes past and current participants, often with family members as caddies. However, no golfer who has won the contest has gone on to win the Masters in the same year. Coincidence or risky bet? You be the judge.

Watch the Weather: The timing of the Masters is known for its unpredictable weather, which can significantly impact golfers' performances. Springtime in Georgia may mean sudden changes in wind direction, rain, or temperature that create challenging conditions for even the most seasoned professionals. Golfers who have a history of performing well in adverse weather conditions might have an edge over their competitors.

World Ranking Rules: World rankings are no guarantee of success at the Masters, but they offer valuable insights into the current form of the players. Since 2000, most Masters champions have been ranked within the top 30 in the Official World Golf Ranking. “Take these rankings into account, but keep in mind that underdogs can make a splash,” PointSpreads experts advise.

Amen Corner Climaxes: The stretch of Augusta National known as “Amen Corner” features the 11th, 12th and 13th holes. The 11th and 13th are daunting par 4s with over 500 yards from pin to cup, but the 12th hole is a spot where players are made and golf bettors pray to the heavens. This 155-yard hole, named “Golden Bell,” is a par 3, but features “Rae’s Creek” where players’ hopes may sink if their ball hits the water. Golf greats Jordan Speith and Tiger Woods have suffered the fate of the 12th hole, as did Tom Weiskopf, who shot a record high 13 there in 1983.

Green Jacket Grandeur: In addition to a cash prize and a trophy, the most recognizable symbol of victory at the Masters is the green jacket. Since 1949, each champion receives a green jacket to take home and wear for one year. The jacket must then be returned to August National and can be worn only on club grounds.

Sean Carter is a betting analyst with the sports odds and betting information portal,

(Revised 3/28/2023)

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