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New Year, New You: How Connectivity Helps Achieve Resolutions

New Year, New You: How Connectivity Helps Achieve Resolutions

(NewsUSA) - Another year has come and gone and with it many Americans are once again working to stick to their New Year’s resolutions. Whether it's mastering a new skill, maintaining a new exercise routine, or learning a new subject, increasingly they are turning to online resources to help them in their pursuit. But, despite all the tools at their disposal, only 9-12% of Americans ended up keeping last year’s resolutions due to a combination of setting unrealistic goals, the inability to track them, and perhaps most of all, the lack of convenience.

Convenient access to the tools you need to be successful is critical when starting a new routine. Yet, as of 2020, the over 46 million Americans residing in rural areas of the United States lack local access to resources like gyms, libraries, or recreation centers.

Fortunately, new online resources are being made available every day that enable families in even the most remote parts of the country to achieve their goals from the comfort of their homes. In rural America, where 15% of the population resides, cable or fiber internet is often not available. There, satellite internet plays a crucial role in providing access to online tools for these residents, offering fast, reliable, and widespread coverage.

Hughes®, a pioneer in satellite internet technology, recently introduced new Hughesnet® service plans that are transforming connectivity and accessibility in rural America. Leveraging the capabilities of JUPITER 3, the most advanced commercial communications satellite ever built, Hughes is offering customers enhanced choices for connecting, streaming and engaging in online activities in the upcoming year. With unlimited data, faster speeds, and a new low-latency Hughesnet Fusion® plan, the new Hughesnet is enhancing the internet experience for rural America.

Reliable connectivity empowers individuals to utilize various resources in pursuit of their goals. For instance, those aspiring to develop culinary skills can conveniently attend cooking classes from the comfort of their own kitchen via platforms like YouTube. Similarly, individuals interested in learning a musical instrument can opt for a Masterclass instead of commuting to a traditional music school. For those focused on weight loss and fitness, tools such as Noom offer assistance in monitoring daily calorie intake and healthier food choices.

Maintaining steadfast New Year’s resolutions becomes significantly more manageable with a robust and dependable internet connection. Rural families can count on satellite internet to deliver the necessary tools and activities directly to them, facilitating better tracking and adherence to their resolutions.


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