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Sweeten Your Springtime With Healthy Chilean Grapes

Sweeten Your Springtime With Healthy Chilean Grapes

(NewsUSA) - What a winter is has been, but spring is finally here!  If you're looking for a sweet and healthy addition to spring celebrations and snacks, fresh Chilean grapes are the perfect pick.

Grapes come in different colors (green, red, black), but did you know that there are also numerous varieties?  Each variety has its own unique size, shape, flavor and texture.  The next time you're in the produce department, check to see what your supermarket is selling and try different varieties to see which is your favorite!  

In addition to their great taste, grapes from Chile pack a powerful nutritional punch. Grapes contain various phytonutrients that can help strengthen the immune system. Grapes are also high in vitamin C, which helps the body fight infections. But wait, there's more!  Chilean grapes are a great source of potassium, as well as bone-building vitamin K, and a standard ¾-cup serving contains just 90 calories.

When you purchase grapes, you might notice that they have a waxy white film. That's called "bloom" and it's good!  Bloom is produced by the plant itself and it helps to keep the grapes fresh, so best not to wash it off until you're ready to eat the grapes. 

There's another reason why you should wait to wash your grapes. Washing adds moisture that can cause the grapes to start to decompose faster than they normally would.  Comments Karen Brux, managing director for the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association, "Just clean what you plan to eat right then and there.  Put the grapes in a colander, rinse with cold water, dry and eat!" Chilean grapes are an easy, healthy choice for kids' lunches and on-the-go snacks during springtime travels; no peeling, coring, or cutting. Rinse, dry, pack, and enjoy anywhere, anytime.

Grapes from Chile are available in the winter and spring, the opposite season of domestic grapes. You can find them at your local retailer through early May.

Looking for some fresh ideas for spring celebrations? Try a Grape and Granola Breakfast Bowl, Roasted Sweet Potato Salad with Grapes or festive Grape Easter Eggs.

For a dazzling dessert, consider a gorgeous grape tart that takes just a few ingredients: a store-bought crust, a mixture of mascarpone cheese, powdered sugar and whipping cream, and fresh grapes for the topping.

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