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Special Competitive Studies Project hosts Global Emerging Technology Summit

Special Competitive Studies Project hosts Global Emerging Technology Summit

(NewsUSA) - Are you curious to learn more about emerging technology, including artificial intelligence, the future of geopolitics, democracy, technology, and warfare? The Global Emerging Technology Summit, hosted by the Special Competitive Studies Project (SCSP) brings together government and private sector leaders from the United States and allies and partners from around the world.

“Together, we will consider a competitive vision for tech-enabled democracy in this era when emerging technologies are reshaping our national security, economy, and society,” according to the SCSP announcement of the summit.

This year’s summit, scheduled for September 21, 2023, features presentations by experts on global intelligence and artificial intelligence. The speakers will address the challenges and opportunities of AI.

SCSP is a nonprofit and nonpartisan initiative with a goal to make recommendations to strengthen America's long-term competitiveness as artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies reshape national security, the economy, and society. "We want to ensure that America is positioned and organized to win the techno-economic competition between now and 2030, the critical window for shaping the future," the organization's experts emphasize.

Avril Haines currently serves as Director of National Intelligence. Her extensive national security experience includes serving as Assistant to the President and Principal Deputy National Security Advisor during the Obama administration, and serving as a member of the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service.

Reid Hoffman, a partner at Greylock, and co-founder of LinkedIn, is an internet entrepreneur, venture capitalist, author of several books on AI, and creator of AI-related podcasts.

Also on the agenda are Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia; H.R. McMaster, former National Security Advisor of the United States; Shanthi Kalathil, Board Member at the National Democratic Institute; Bonnie Glick, former Deputy Administrator and Chief Operating Officer of the U.S. Agency for International Development, and Michael Chertoff, former United States Secretary of Homeland Security.

Other featured speakers include Uranik Begu, Director for Western Balkans, Plug and Play Tech Center; Evan Speigel, cofounder and CEO of Snap, Inc.; Eric Holcomb, Governor of Indiana; Andrew Moore, co-chair of SCSP’s Generative AI Taskforce; Leopoldo Lopez, a freedom activist; and Michael Morell, former Acting Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Additional experts include Eva Maydell, member of the European Parliament; Dan Twining, President of the International Republican Institute; Damon Wilson, President and CEO of the National Endowment for Democracy; Ina Fried, chief technology correspondent at Axios; and Kristi Noem, Governor of South Dakota.

As the event approaches, SCSP will announce more speakers. Visit SCSP's event page at to register to attend and to learn more about SCSP.

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