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Snibble Platform Supports Video Sharing for Young Adults


(NewsUSA) - Snibble, a next-generation social video platform that targets today's young adults, is partnering with NewsUSA TV to expand and cross-promote content and linear streaming in the U.S. and Canada.

Snibble offers YAs what they want -- snackable videos and the ability to discover, share, and comment on them with friends in real time. Surveys suggest that approximately 70 percent of Gen Z prefer engaging with many short videos versus committing to a longer video.

"We are a fusion between the best of a video platform and a social media platform," says Blair Currie, CEO of Snibble.

Generation Z (youth ages 16 to 24 years) have never known life without mobile internet. At this age, especially in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, young adults are seeking ways to connect with friends remotely, and short videos have become the social currency of this generation, Currie explains.

Snibble allows viewers to see, comment, recommend and share personalized content, and presents a reasonable amount of hyper-targeted advertising in a fair trade for their attention.

Snibble attracts top advertisers to a place that lets brands play when young viewers hang out, which improves returns on advertising investment.

To expand and showcase the Snibble platform and content, the company has partnered with NewsUSA TV, a division of the NewsUSA branded content agency. NewsUSA offers video content on Roku through a range of channels, including The Junior Network by NewsUSA TV. The Junior Network partnership with Snibble benefits both parties by expanding audience reach and access to content.

Snibble's content comes only from top providers, including Daily Fix, Omnia News (BBC), Brut, Cheddar, Huffpo, USAToday, Glamour, GQ, and People are Awesome.

The Junior Network by NewsUSA TV helps leverage this content to Gen Z not only online but also through Roku and Amazon Fire, as well as iphone and mobile apps. The content also is available in completed Linear HLS Stream format for syndication.

In addition, NewsUSA TV offers content in Business Briefs, Health News, Entertainment News, and Travel News on its Roku channel.

Visit for more details about Snibble and for details about NewsUSA TV.

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