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2024 Ad Tech Perspective: Exclusive Interview with John Rogers of Nexxen at CES

Join Marlissa of NewsUSA in an insightful interview with John Rogers VP of Business Development of Nexxen, a full-service ad platform specializing in efficient campaign delivery and publisher-advertiser relationships. Nexxen operates at the intersection of advertiser demand and publisher supply, offering unique technology solutions for both sides of the advertising transaction. When John was asked what he sees for Ad Tech in 2024, he highlighted that last year was mostly about looking for the best partners to work with, proving their worth and 2024 is mostly on working with these partners with efficiency and adding more value. Learn who Nexxen wanted to focus working with to make sure they only work with limited no. of partners but could potentially bring more to the table focusing on partners with first party data emphasizing on data privacy and efficiency. John shares his 30 meetings that are all happening in 3 days–people in connected tv, broadcasting, content distributors and platforms. John Rogers also discusses shifting TV consumption patterns, highlighting the decline of traditional paid-TV models and the rise of ad-supported TV formats, such as Netflix's evolving approach towards programmatic advertising. Join us for an engaging conversation about the future of advertising and digital media landscapes.